║☆§☆║ 1000% Amazing & Creative Paper Trees ║☆§☆║

Yuken Teruya from Japan constructs intricate paper cuttings from waste materials: toilet paper rolls, shopping bags, newspapers.

His artworks are caught in transitional moments, when a paper bag begins to evolve into a tree or an old copy of the New York Times has sprung roots as a newspaper garden.

!-♥-! αmσηgѕт mαн ƒαvσυгιтε !-♥-!

Awesome Water Colour Art

Each Pic Of This Thread Is My Favourite..... Hope U All Will Like These....

1000% AMAZING ··¤| Drinking Straw Art Works |¤··

You just drink with these straws n throw them away.... but someone can create incredible art pieces from these pieces of Straw... Drinking Straw pipes