!!= R E F L E C T i O N =!!

Reflection photography can be explored on easily available like mirror, reflective surface and also water. You have to dig deeper into your imagination to see the beauty from that kind of photography. It is also a scientific art because you should know the techniques and must be popular with your camera to take perfect shot. For perfect reflection photography you must have skills that made you different. Creativity and quality of photos depend on the photographer. Lets take a look at some excellent examples of reflection photography done by various creative photographers

## Amazing Ivory Scluptures ##

Eggcubism : Amazing Art of Painting on Egg Cartons

Using the unique shape and texture of the egg carton to his advantage, Dutch artist Enno de Kroon creates fragmented and multifaceted images. He calls this new art form “eggcubism“.

Enno de Kroon says he has always experimented with distortions of perspective, and has had egg cartons around his studio for a long time, but needed to build up the courage to work with such an unusual art medium. Since the hindrances of the egg carton offer such a different perspective, depending on the angle it’s viewed from, Enno de Kroon was forced to approach painting in a whole new way.

Inspired by famous cubism masters like Picasso and Braque, who showed everyone how to take an object, a person or landscape, and show it from various angles, Enno de Kroon made looking at his artworks an interactive experience, where viewers had to discover the perfect viewing angles. But unlike traditional cubism, where there is just one right angle to an artwork, eggcubism features various viewing options, that turn a beautiful smiling lady into a five-eyed freak.

Aqua Artist and His Splash of Art

It's all about splashing paint and water