Impressive Egg Sculptures

Impressive Egg Sculptures

These are very cool. These amazing photos are of art sculptures made entirely of eggs.
Egg decoration is an old form of art, that has been on for centuries. Artists use real egg shells to make various designs, which are intricately carved using cutting tools, drills etc

One company has gone a step further, they have made carvings on ostrich egg and created lamps out of them. Ostrich shells are much thicker than ordinary shells, so easy to make sculptures on them.

Carved Ostrich Egg

Carved Chicken Egg-interlaced denticule

3D Jigsaw Puzzle Egg

Carved Goose Egg-love heart

Carved Chicken Eggs-Blessing and Long life

Carved Ostrich Egg-nature

Carved Ostrich Egg-C*****ue


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